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pis of cory1234

i will never stop

f oof cury





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Image result for trump ill fart on you

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weard o


I am mr crabs argh ar gah arg


This was a fun experience, although a little bit frustrating if you can't find a shell at the beginning :P

I featured Gone Crab in my newest "3 Weird Games" video (crab themed of course), and thought you might like to see it! :D


Such a unique and fun little game! I really liked the way the parent hermit crabs moved!:P


I am now a hermit crab.

Thanks for the playthrough <3 I loved the sick hermit crab edits hahahaha! Oh and the size issue at the end with that text is a rather annoying bug we have tried to fix a few different ways :'(


hey is this a 32-bit and i can fight any crabs that will be amazing